For HBO’s Watchmen, I worked in collaboration with the show’s creators to make a custom microsite known as Peteypedia, full of extra content that expands the world of the series. We paid homage to the graphic novel’s use of “supplemental inserts” like newspaper clippings, book excerpts and comic books within comic books, giving fans and press a place to return to each week for more answers, theories, and background.

With this project, we created 23 total assets with over 60 pages of content and updated site after every episode. We highlighted the show’s alternate reality with low-fi internet and technology design, which was based on in-world newspapers and publications from the show. As an easter egg for superfans, we included a hidden link to an illustrated poster by the original Watchmen comics artist, Dave Gibbons.


I’m a designer currently working at HBO, where I became an expert in creating custom design assets for marketing campaigns that honor the artistic vision of the show or film they promote, and reflect the prestige associated with the HBO brand.

As a versatile designer with a background in a variety of areas including motion, digital, and print work, I’m always keeping an eye on design trends and striving to expand my skillset. I have experience leading projects with in-house design teams and providing art direction to agencies.

In my personsal work, I enjoy exploring the interaction between digital and analog techniques of design, creating risograph printed posters, zines, and art prints.




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